Advanced Class

Additional Information


6 sessions     $150

Each Session is about an hour long

We meet in a different location each week.

Ages: 3 months and older

Prerequisite: Must have completed Intermediate Class, and passed A.K.C. C.G.C

Up to date vaccinations are required.

Dogs and Owners learn to build on the current foundation learned in the level 2 class.  

We will use ONLY science based positive reinforcement methods.

What's covered in this class? 

What to Bring to Class


  • Proof of Vaccinations
  • Standard 4-6 ft. leash
  • Small soft yummy treats – A LOT!!!!
  • Travel Water 
  • No prong, choke, or e-collars 
  • Standard 10 - 20 ft. long leash
  • Bed, rug, or mat