Board and Train Program

Additional Information


The Board and Train Program is a very intense training package.

I use ONLY positive reinforcement training. I am dog trainer with over 21 years experience. 

The dog will stay in my home not a kennel area. This way the dog will learn all foundation skills to live in a home.

I will evaluate the dog prior to the board and train stay. I will develop an appropriate training plan to achieve your goals. 

Skills may include the basics:

sit, down, stay, leave-it, and loose leash walking

Other skills will be determined at the meet and greet to make this a totally custom training program.

Once with me, the training plan will be implemented and we will work approximately 10-15 training sessions per day.

I provide 100% structure to help achieve training goals.

Your dog will get walked daily, get all required exercise including swimming ( if desired), playtime, plenty of mental stimulation, in addition to training time to achieve a well-balanced dog. 

Upon completion of this training we will have a one on one private in home training session. This session is designed to teach you everything your dog has learned, and  teach you how to get to the next level of training.

This is like doggie boot camp.

Contact me for Board and Train in Fort Walton Beach.

What Does your Dog need to bring ?

* Up to date vaccinations

* Food for your dog

*Completed Behavioral Questionnaire