Puppy Class
Obedience Training
Dog Training
Basic dog Training 
Potty training

Puppy Class

Learn the foundation skills needed for a new puppy ages 8 weeks to 6 months old. 

Beginner Obedience
Walking on leash
Group Dog Training Classes

Beginner Class

Learn basic dog obedience foundation skills for dogs 6 months old and older.

Fast Track Beginner Class

Learn or refresh the foundation skills for all pups and dogs. 

Group Dog Training in Fort Walton Beach

Intermediate Class
Walking on a leash 
Self control

Intermediate Class

After the basics take training to the next level.

Tricks Class
Dog Tricks

Tricks Class

Learn a wide variety of tricks with your dog.

Off Leash
Advanced Training

Advanced Class

Advanced skills learn with a high level of distractions and working towards off leash control.